Scottish Initiatives

The following initiatives have been developed nationally with support from the National Association of Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists (NATVNS) members to promote best practices in tissue viability both within Scotland and further afield.

Skin Tear Guidance (NES – 2019)

Aim: To provide evidenced based guidance on preventing, assessing and managing skin tears

Current position: Updated 2019 by NES to provide guidance in the form of a workbook with flowcharts and a video. Uses the ISTAP (International Skin Tear Advisory Panel) identification tool.


Review date: 2020

Antimicrobial Wound Dressings in Chronic Wound Management (2018)

Aim: Health Improvement Scotland with Health Technology Assessment (HTA) undertook a review of Antimicrobial Wound Dressings in Chronic Wounds.  This was undertaken to review the evidence for or against using topical antimicrobial products.

Current position: After review of the available evidence and a Delphi process a final report has been published giving guidance to Health Boards in Scotland on taking this issue forward.  A summary report and patient guide have also been published.

Links/Documents: Copies of all documents including algorithm for Chronic wounds, Scottish Ropper Ladder, Paint information leaflets and characteristics of antimicrobial wound products can be found on the Health Improvement Scotland website.

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Standards (2016 – under review)

Aim: To provide updated Pressure Ulcer (PU) standards to include relevant elements from and replace the 2009 Best Practice statement for PU Prevention and Management.

Current position: A Standards group has been formed to review and combine relevant elements from the PU Best Practice Statement (2009) and the PU Prevention and Management Standards. Draft will go out for consultation Autumn 2019.

Links/documents: Current PU Standards

Expected completion date: Early 2020

Review date: 2021

Scottish Adaptation of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) Pressure Ulcer Classification Tool (2014 – still current)

Aim: To provide a Pressure Ulcer classification tool and guidance on excoriation and moisture related skin damage.

Current position: This tool is the current one in use across Scotland and will be updated once the international consensus document is available (2020)


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NES Aseptic Technique Programme (2012 – still current)

Aim: To provide healthcare staff with the knowledge and understanding of aseptic technique through online modules for Aseptic Technique. For the first time in NHS Scotland there is a consistent message on the application of Asepsis and the programme is a vital component in supporting the NHS Boards to achieve their Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteraemia (SAB) HEAT targets.

Current position: The Aseptic Technique e-learning programme was developed and launched in 2012.  This is located on the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) website.

Links/Documents: NES website

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National Tissue Viability Toolkit (2009 – 2011)

Aim: This programme developed a range of resources and an education package for use by healthcare staff across Scotland.

Current Position: These documents have not been updated recently but are still available to access and use.

Links/documents: Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Safety Cross, SSKIN Bundle and Wound Assessment and Management tools. Copies of tools and education package can be found on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.

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