NATVNS Initiatives

The following initiatives have been developed through the NATVNS members to provide best practice in areas relating to tissue viability.

Within sub-groups, members review evidenced based practice, research, clinical trials/evaluations and patient experience to provide information and tools that are designed to support clinical staff in their day-to day work.

Cellulitis Guidelines (2020) (in progress)

Aim: To create guidance for clinical staff on how to identify and manage cellulitis in the lower limb and provide guidance for patients on the condition.

Current position: In development phase

Links/documents: To follow

Review date: 

Tissue Viability Competencies (2018)

Aim: To work in collaboration with academic and industry partners to update and develop competencies for Tissue Viability Nurses

Current Position: Competencies complete and now being tested by TVNs within Scotland

Links/Documents: Interactive Competency

Review date: 

Wound Cleansing Guidance (2014)

Aim: Define wound cleansing regimes and solutions to optimise healing.

Current position: Wound Cleansing Guidance Flow Chart Tool developed by subgroup after wider evaluation of multi- professionals.  Currently under review to bring into line with up to date research and evidence.  Expected date 2020. 

Document: Wound Cleansing Flow chart

Review date: 2020