The cost of pressure ulcers in the UK by Dealey C, Posnett J, Walker A.

Preventing pressure ulcers: how to implement a change package to improve pressure ulcer management by T Harrison. Published in 2013 by the Health Foundation.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland –
Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers Standards

Tissue Viability Online
A website hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland which aims to standardise and improve pressure ulcer prevention and wound management practice across all care sectors in Scotland:

Available resources include:

  • Best Practice Statement (2009) – Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers Risk assessment information and tools
  • Pressure ulcer prevention, wound assessment and management documentation
  • Pressure ulcer safety cross and monitoring pressure ulcers

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) –
Pressure Ulcer online module and educational workbook
An online module for health and social care staff covering the prevention and management of pressure ulcers in the form of an educational workbook. The aim of the course is to help the learner understand pressure ulcers – how they form, how they are treated and, crucially, how they can be prevented.

Creating Viable Options (2016)
This tool provides organisations and individuals with guidance on preparing education and development programmes on tissue viability for a wide range of health and social care staff and others, such as volunteer workers and carers. It sets out key content areas for education to support progressive development in tissue viability expertise for these staff and other groups:

Waterlow pressure ulcer risk assessment/prevention policy tool (updated 2005) is frequently used by health and social care staff to identify levels of pressure ulcer risk. The Waterlow Manual is a comprehensive guide providing detailed background information on the Waterlow scale and how to apply the tool and use it effectively.

Wounds-UK E-Academy
The Wounds UK E-Academy offers healthcare professionals a range of online education courses in the field of wound management. 15-minute professional updates with multiple choice questions and completion certificate and self-directed modules lasting 10 hours are available online. Most courses are free:

Stop the Pressure Campaign
Useful resources developed as part of the Stop the Pressure Campaign in NHS England are available.

There is a section for care homes – developed by Barchester Group:

Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
IHI’s 5 Million Lives Campaign’s How to Guide: Prevent Pressure Ulcers
and improvement story


Wounds UK – free access to information, journal articles and resources.

Journal of Community Nursing – free access to journal articles which include skin care, preventing pressure ulcers and wound care.

Journal of Wound Care – monthly journal for professionals who are keen to keep up-to-date with all developments in wound care practice and tissue viability, but also appeals to generalists wishing to enhance their practice. Subscription charge – free issue plus pressure area care supplement.

British Journal of Nursing (BJN) – general clinical journal for nurses. Currently offering free tissue viability supplement.


National Association of Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists (NATVNS) (Scotland)
NATVNS (Scotland) was created in 1994 and has a current membership of approximately 50 specialist nurses all working in the field of tissue viability in care settings across Scotland. The group want to extend the profile of their work to all health and care workers within Scotland, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Tissue Viability Society – The Tissue Viability Society (TVS) aims to provide expertise in wound management to all healthcare and social care professionals. Quarterly journal as part of membership.

National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) – serves as the authoritative voice for improved personal outcomes for people in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment through public policy, education and research.

Wound Care Alliance UK is a charity formed to offer help and support educationally; providing a members network, educational resources, evidence based guidelines and a communication forum. In this way the WCA UK hopes to encourage health and care workers at a basic level to pursue their education in wound care. The organisation also hopes to provide a professional voice nationally and internationally for the key stakeholders in the specialty of Tissue Viability. Membership is currently free.

European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) has been in existence since December 1996 to lead and support all European countries in the efforts to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

European Wound Management Association (EWMA) The association works to promote the advancement of education and research into native epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds of all aetiologies. individuals and organisations interested in wound management.

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